I got a story to tell...

Founded in 2021 by Chef/Owner Christian Agir and entrepreneur Kalen Mcconnell. Our diverse and passionate team will bring the street flavours in a relaxed environment with mellow vibes.

Kain Tayo (ka-een 'ta:yo) - Orgin: Tagalog -English Translation: LETS EAT.

Kain Tayo is an invitation to eat. In the Philippines, you would often hear this sentiment echoed in every household you visited; fiesta or mealtime, expect to be invited to eat. Food is so much more than sustenance; food can tell us a lot about where people come from. We grow up eating the food of our cultures and many of us associate certain foods with warmth. It ties us to our families, holding personal value and a special meaning.

Food found internationally reflects its own unique history, lifestyle, values and beliefs but the message is always the same. Food connects us. It connects us to each other, to our own pasts, memories and to the larger world around us.

Quite simply put: Food is creation. It's memories. It's connection and understanding. Food is love.

In 2021, with these intentions in mind, Kain Tayo was born. Inspired by a deep love for eclectic street cuisine and the atmosphere only found in your moms kitchen. Christian Agir and Kalen McConnell deliver a unique culinary experience to the Bow Valley.

It's a Bananacue on your Lola's couch. It's a place to sit back with your favourite people and laugh. A place to celebrate, share and create new memories.

Come join us and #LetsEatCanmore!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work